Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C., Mexico
Situated in the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico, Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C. is a biological reserve with a Cenote and Mayan ruins.
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Previously known as Earth Connection Centre, this restoration community is restoring 39 hectares of tropical forest, bringing an abundance of life back to the area with extensive planting of native species. They are also experimenting with various forms of agroecology, with the creation of a food forest and other regenerative food growing methods. The property was initially clear cut and used as a cattle ranch for many years. When the project started, the bare soil was red and exposed from cattle grazing in the dry season. The only trees and shrubs growing were thorny vegetation that the cows wouldn’t eat. Once the cows were excluded from the property, the vegetation started to grow again. The ground was covered by early succession species and the soil gradually turned darker. Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C. is restoring the tropical jungle and establishing regenerative agricultural practices, and hope to be food independent in the coming years. Their end goal is to expand their impact by sharing the successes with the local Mayan communities, ideally helping to restore thousands of hectares.


After restoring the property since 2016 the soil has turned brown, an organic layer has developed and the tree canopy has started to close so there is more moisture held in the soil. The wildlife has responded, increasing in diversity and abundance. Their ever-expanding list of species is one of Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C.’s proudest achievements!


Resilient Ecosystems Institute A.C. has adopted multiple interventions to ensure the ecological restoration of the land. They are producing Biochar, have planted 335 trees (60 – 70 species) in three hectares of food forest with irrigation and restored 20 hectares of tropical jungle with more than a thousand trees planted, and created drinking pools for wildlife. More than 300 plants have been planted, and eight hectares seeded. Several students have hosted for thesis internships, including one on ants which has resulted in the addition of 50 new species for the Yucatan. Furthermore, they have created a botanical garden of local, native plants and established a small nursery and laboratory on site. They are currently connecting and partnering with local and international universities and expanding on their community training and outreach.

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