Our courses give everyday people the chance to become ecosystem restoration practitioners! Learn from experts about all things Ecology, Ecosystem Restoration, Regenerative Agriculture and Rewilding. Gain an understanding of how our ecosystems work, and be empowered to take action to restore them back to health and vitality.

Ecosystem Restoration Design

Presented in partnership with Gaia Education, this five-module course gives you the opportunity to learn from 18 of the world’s top experts in the field of ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture. Learn what’s required to restore the different ecosystems and landscapes on our planet, gain all the tools, know-how and skills you need to confidently take action for the earth, and become part of a network of like-minded people around the world doing this Great Work of our Time.

Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration

We have partnered with Soil Food Web School to develop a brand new series of courses! The first one – An Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration – has been designed to give you a strong foundational knowledge of the science and practice of Ecology, Ecological Restoration, and Ecosystem Restoration. Taught by a Restoration Ecologist, you will delve into the details of exactly how ecosystems work, and what a degraded ecosystem looks like, what constitutes ecological restoration, the different types of ecosystem restoration out there, and some examples.

The Rewilding Training

The Rewilding Training is an 8-month learning journey that will take you from a curiosity about rewilding to having the confidence, knowledge, skills, ability and contacts to be able to rewild your own site, or another landowner’s. Whether you want to learn how to rewild a garden, a farm, a smallholding, school grounds, a local park near your house, a patch of land in a city, or your life as a whole, this course covers it all. Taught by some of the top thinkers and doers in the rewilding world, this course, both online and in person, exists to create a new community of rewilders, across the United Kingdom.

Which course is right for me?​

The Ecosystem Restoration Design course is a learning journey that is taught by many experienced teachers who share their knowledge and wisdom on a multitude of restoration projects that they have implemented around the world. It is designed for someone who is new to the world of restoration and would like to be introduced to the many different ways in which an ecosystem can be restored to discover which type of project most excites them. 

The Introduction to Ecosystem Restoration course focuses more deeply on the fundamentals of the science of ecology and ecosystem restoration, getting into the details on how ecosystems function, and is mainly taught by Paul Morris – an expert in the fields of botany, ecosystem restoration and regenerative farmingThis course is a gateway course that will give you the foundational understanding of restoration needed to delve deeper into a specific ecosystem to learn how to restore it.

The Rewilding Training course is the UK’s first in-depth, rewilding training programme. The course is aimed at people with an interest in rewilding but don’t know how to get there, or those who are already rewilding and want to deepen their knowledge. It is also ideal for land advisors looking to advise farmers on rewilding. Participants may already have land, want to acquire land or have access to a neighbour’s land. This is blended course, so the curriculum comprises online learning as well as two residential sessions at Embercombe in Devon. The course content and context make this course suitable for people living in Britain.

The Rewilding Training is sold out for 2023, but you can sign up for our waiting list and be the first to hear when our 2024 event launches! Simply click here and select Join our waiting list option.