9000 hectares


3.1 million hectares

Ecosystem Restoration Communities around the world are restoring degraded land.

Support this real, on-the-ground progress and start regreening our planet today!



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Triodos bank:
NL92 TRIO 0338 5544 75

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US citizens, visit our US page to make a tax deductible donation.

EU citizens (outside the Netherlands), learn more about tax deductible donations here.

What happens with your donation


  • We restore water cycles   
  • We restore soil  
  • We plant trees and plants     
  • We restore wildlife habitat  
  • We restore food security and livelihoods  


You can’t measure this impact in carbon captured or trees planted. That is why restore whole ecosystems. Life is returning and the planet is coming back to life.  

We will tell you how we're doing

We’ll keep you updated on the progress on the ground in the ERC movement through our newsletter and in our annual report with the impact data in it, so you can see how your investment in Earth is flourishing!

With each donation you make, the impact will grow. Your investment will help restore a thriving planet, securing an abundant and healthy future for humanity. 

Leave a more beautiful and resilient Earth as your legacy

Leaving a gift in your will to Ecosystem Restoration Communities will help us continue to restore life-supporting ecosystems, creating a world of abundance, with thriving biodiversity and more than enough natural resources for all.

Ask you legal advisor how you can name Ecosystem Restoration Communities as a beneficiary, or create a codicil.

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