Financial figures

Here are the published quarterly and year-to-date financials of Stichting Ecosystem Restoration Foundation. These figures do not cover the individual budgets of each community. Restoration communities also have their own fundraising. The foundation aims to have 85% of the raised funds go directly to communities by 2029, with the balance of 15% allocated to support services provided by the Foundation. After the end of each calendar year we publish a full and detailed annual report.


Income is received through individual supporters, institutional donors (such as philanthropic foundations and governmental subsidies), corporate sponsorship, and income from education and ERC experiences.


Our expenditure is divided into four categories:

  • Support to ERCs: Money spent at the foundations to support communities, such as resource development and supporting joint fundraising.
  • Direct financial support to ERCs: Money channelled through the foundations to communities.
  • Knowledge exchange and educational work: Costs incurred on the ERC Knowledge Exchange Platform and our educational offering, including dedicated staff-costs.
  • Management, fundraising and overheads: Costs incurred outside the above categories, such as salaries of the directors, fundraising, general IT costs, office and travel costs, bank and payment-service provider costs, and finally accountancy and bookkeeping costs.