Communities as global living labs

The restoration communities provide a unique opportunity to support the scientific community in understanding the underlying processes in effective ecosystem restoration by providing places for scientific research, and sharing the data and knowledge gathered at camps. As such, the restoration communities are collaborative, community owned living labs.

How we support knowledge exchange

Supported by Zendesk and Gaia University we are maintaining an online knowledge exchange platform populated with a selection of relevant content from research papers, publications, articles, documents and live design conversations. Our volunteer curation community includes restoration community leaders and other practitioners in the ecosystem restoration field. Links with other online libraries will provide multiple, diverse routes to knowledge and expertise.

Educational Experiences

We work with key education partners to design online courses for worldwide audiences to empower everyday people to become earth restorers. And at our restoration communities on the ground, earth restorers can learn and understand restoration and what regenerative economies look like.

Measuring our impact

Ecosystem Restoration Communities experiment with, assess and validate different methods and techniques for restoring ecosystem functions across a range of diverse climate zones and biomes. The data emanating from these activities has the potential to contribute to global research on ecosystem restoration.

Internship opportunities​

From time to time opportunities arise for students to complete internships at restoration communities and also to support the work of the foundation team. We promote these opportunities on our social channels and also on our Work with us page.

Research opportunities

The restoration communities provide places for research and for sharing data and knowledge gathered on site. We develop partnerships with universities and research centres to strengthen our research approach and methodology. We invite the scientific community to propose research on site that supports the mission of the foundation and global movement.

Research partners

We are constantly developing formal and informal partnerships with universities and research centres to strengthen our research approach and methodology.