Experiences and volunteering opportunities

Ecosystem Restoration Communities offer hands-on experiences at locations around the world, to develop a deeper connection with the earth and actively take part in restoring the land. 

Volunteer opportunities are structured opportunities that may involve camp building, communications, restoration or testing a business idea. Many restoration communities also welcome Master and PhD program students who want to collect data for a camp as part of their research.

Match your skills are opportunities offered at restoration communities to share your skills. Facilities, cost, length of stay and restoration activities specific to each location and arraged directly with the ERC leader. Complete the fields below to find an activity that matches your availability, interest and skills!

Events encompass tailored, fixed-date restoration activities at specific ERC locations or online. These could include tree-planting weeks or other restoration-oriented activities. Events may also involve on-site courses, a blend of instruction and hands-on activities covering techniques used in restoration efforts, providing the opportunity to acquire and hone your skills.

What you must do to ensure your own safety at an Ecosystem Restoration Community

Before visiting an Ecosystem Restoration Community you will need to read and accept our Terms & Conditions and our Code of Conduct.