Ecosystem Restoration Communities USA (ERC USA) is a non-profit organization with a 501C3 tax exempt status in the United States. All donations to ERC USA are tax deductible. 

About us

ERC USA was established in 2020 and operates in direct collaboration with Stichting Ecosystem Restoration Foundation (ERF) in the Netherlands. We support restoration activities that are part of the global ecosystem restoration communities movement. This includes connecting volunteers with restoration communities and providing technical, educational and financial support to these initiatives.

Our objectives fully align with those of the Ecosystem Restoration Foundation:

  • To train people in techniques for restoring land and provide practical opportunities for people to practice new approaches to landscape restoration.
  • To build research, training and innovation centers to engage people in ecosystem restoration.
  • To manage a flow of volunteers of all ages to restore agricultural and natural ecosystems.
  • To increase the organic matter, carbon content and water retention capacity of the soil to stimulate large scale carbon sequestration.
  • To improve the livelihoods of farmers, landowners and local communities around the ERCs.

Our governance

ERC USA is governed by a Board of Directors who coordinate closely with the global ERC team to identify opportunities to support the movement, expand ERC’s work in the United States, and grow the impact of restoration efforts globally. We maintain representation from the ERF Supervisory Board as part of the ERC USA Board of Directors to ensure continuous communication and transparency.

You can find the 2021 Annual Report of ERC USA here

Our bylaws are available to view here.