The ecosystem restoration community is supported by two non-profit institutions: Stichting Ecosystem Restoration Foundation (St. E.R.F.) in the Netherlands (the lead foundation in support of the global movement), and ERC Inc USA. Ecosystem Restoration Foundation is a non-profit foundation supported by donors from over 30 countries around the world, and we continue to grow. In 2017 we supported the establishment of ecosystem restoration Camp Altiplano. Now these institutions support restoration communities on every continent, and aim to have hundreds of initiatives in the movement by the end of 2030.


We help restoration communities around the world fund aspects of their work through our fundraising, including supporting the development of joint funding proposals. For the communities we help bridge their resource gap. For you, we give you access to vetted restoration communities that manage your donations without expensive and unnecessary project/programme costs. This way, donations to ERC reach the real change-makers on the ground.

Knowledge exchange & education

Our free digital Knowledge Exchange platform allows information and tools for ecosystem restoration to be shared easily. This makes knowledge accessible to all, including those who did not have the relevant education - usually those people living in degraded lands who need it the most. We also offer ongoing education for restoration communities to help them learn effective techniques.

Storytelling & communications

We share the stories of the restoration communities, inspire new projects to start, and show people how they can join the effort, providing inspiration for mass action. Our communications and outreach work is vital in catalysing a global movement in ecosystem restoration.

Monitoring & evaluation

Through collaboration and continuous iteration, we work with simple but robust monitoring toolkits to assess the impact of ecosystem restoration communities locally and globally. The ERC soil framework includes ecological indicators and cost-effective methodologies inspired in citizen science. The ERC soul & society framework was designed to assess how restoration affects people’s attitudes and behaviour, alongside changes at the level of local communities, economies, and broader society.

Volunteer facilitation

Through the ERC Restoration Project Finder tool, we facilitate the participation of volunteers in the movement, giving the restoration communities access to a growing community of potential local and global earth restorers ready to help them accomplish their goals.


We partner with other global organisations, corporate entities, institutional donors and philanthropists who share our passion for earth restoration. Our partnerships help create new opportunities for the Ecosystem Restoration Communities to do their work on the ground. In 2020 we became an official supporting partner of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration and we're working with the United Nations to make this decade a success.

Read the organisation articles of the global foundation in English or in Dutch, or read more about our Policy Plan and Privacy Statement. For more information on ERC USA, please go here. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.