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Virsoleil is an education, ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture training center, located on the site of a 300 year-old farm in the Dordogne region of South Western France. This community is situated in the Perigord area of the Dordogne region, famous for black walnuts, beautiful medieval villages, lush rivers and valleys, and UNESCO world heritage sites. This is an area with a growing awareness of regenerative landscapes and lifestyles.
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Virsoleil’s vision is to be a thriving example of a regenerative polyculture farm offering educational programs and restorative retreats with a focus on regenerative lifestyle and local culture. Since commencing their restoration activities Virsoleil has seen an increase in birds, insects, and other pollinators. They have hosted multiple educational programs to raise consciousnesses and build skills around ecosystem restoration and preservation and to help people develop personal resilience and skills for adapting to our changing times.


Virsoleil is collaborating with local organisations and the local mayor to implement reforestation and hedgerow planting projects. Youth-oriented programs are being developed and Virsoleil hosted their first group of Austrian scouts for a week in July 2022. Virsoleil continues to develop infrastructure and regenerative entrepreneurial activities as they expand their capability to host groups and volunteers. Virsoleil works in partnership with 1001 Abeilles (bees).

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Activities that need your support ​

Water retention
Tree planting
Compost making
Soil building
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
Erosion control
Habitat creation
Community building
Food growing
Natural building

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