Tlholego Village, South Africa
Tlholego Ecovillage Camp is located on the western slopes of the Magaliesberg Biosphere Reserve in the North West province of South Africa, on a former neglected cattle farm. Tlholego is a Setswana word meaning ‘creation with nature’ which fits well with their overall mission to restore ecosystems, create local livelihoods and learn from the gifts of nature. This restoration community was been created by non-profit organisation Rural Educational Development Corporation (Rucore) to introduce activities that stimulate a culture of reconnecting with our earth and spiritual heritage, with the belief that building on these relationships is our way of returning home to a more natural experience of being alive. Tlholego aims to provide earth restorers with opportunities to remember their own deep connection with land as they take part in the restoration of this region. New skills for how to restore degraded lands are learned through practice, while reconnecting to their cultures, ancestry, spirituality and our beautiful Gaia.
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Our impact

Tlholego Ecovillage & Learning Centre is a place where learning how to restore degraded land goes hand in hand with exploring new ways of living together. It is a place where past wounds from inherent social, environmental and racial injustices are seen, held, and healed together, and this process is considered key in the development of a regenerative culture. Tlholego exists to integrate African wisdom and indigenous knowledge with the restoration of the land, community and livelihoods. Currently we are connecting school children with gardening and nutrition and exploring ways that people rehabilitation can support land restoration.


Over the past twenty years, Tlholego has supported itself through hosting training programs, workshops and events, as well as fundraising for specific projects. The development of community businesses in livestock and organic value added products has developed over the past decade. More recently, interest in our work has been growing. People are learning of the many practical solutions available that meet everyday challenges from restoring damaged land, water harvesting and growing food in healthy soil, to housing, sanitation and the Ubuntu skills of working together successfully towards a common good.

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Activities that need your support ​

Compost making
Water retention
Tree planting
Food growing
Erosion control
Soil building
Community building
Fire prevention
Restoration of livelihoods
Natural building
Educational courses and experiences
Inner restoration for personal healing

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