Siolta Chroi, Ireland
Siolta Chroi is a not for profit cooperative created in Monaghan in 2020 by a group of educators, activists, and others who are concerned about the environmental crisis we are living and its impact on humans and wider nature. The landscape is heavily drumlinised (steep sloped hills) agricultural land (almost exclusively grassland pasture for beef/dairy production) with lakes, bogland and hedgerows interspersed. The land was previously extensive native forests, but clearances - first of the trees for wood and fuel, then of the indigenous population to colonize “the new world” - resulted in the decline of this ecosystem. Siolta Chroi is starting to regenerate the land again by planting an agro/food forest and market garden. They are also creating projects in the community to rehabilitate polluted local rivers and lakes and increase biodiversity.
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Siolta Chroi is working to restore Ireland’s ecosystems and communities through education for regenerative cultures; exploring resilient and regenerative food systems; and carrying out hands on, practical eco system restoration work. Siolta Chroi’s intention is to help build a more connected world where ecosystems are restored and thriving, and humans are working in cooperation with wider nature and one another, bringing about personal, community as well as local and global healing.


To date they have planted 390 trees with another 200 trees to be planted in early 2021. The camp has set up a tree nursery, run tree grafting courses and used holistic management of chickens and pigs to clear and fertilize land in preparation for planting a market garden. Siolta Chroi has run courses and projects with a diverse group of communities, including farmers, people seeking asylum, economically marginalised communities and schools. They have also recently finalised plans for the agroforestry system and layout of the field, dug a pond and started construction of an education centre where they can offer trainings and retreats for people who want to learn about land restoration and regenerative practices. Siolta Chroi works in partnership with Transition Monaghan, Afri, Development Perspectives, Carraig Dúlra.

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