Sinal do Vale, Brazil
Sinal do Vale is located in the buffer zone between the urban sprawl of Rio and one of the last remaining protected areas of the Atlantic Rainforest - one of the hotspots of megadiversity in the world, with several endemic species of flora and fauna, including the Golden Lion Tamarin. The land comprises several agroforestry, regenerative agriculture and reforestation sites and Sinal do Vale’s main focus is on constantly testing many different agro ecological solutions on the land, then implementing these solutions to protect the buffer zone and its natural resources while offering viable economic opportunities to the local communities. Sinal is an Advanced Post of UNESCO’s Biosphere Reserves and 1 of 17 certified Global Ecosphere Retreats in the world.
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Sinal do Vale is a center for the regeneration of ecosystems, communities, and individuals, where they prototype and teach solutions that regenerate forests, soils, and food systems that can be replicated and scaled in this critical region. One such example is a regenerative and job creation enterprise which involves the sourcing, processing and selling of jackfruit through a management model that aids the conservation of the Atlantic Rainforest, the health of the soil, and the reintroduction of native species to the forest. Through solutions such as these their vision is to scale a model of land stewardship across the Green Belt of the Guanabara Bay. Their resident coordinators and team members are from several different parts of the world, with different backgrounds and experiences, and it is this diversity of community that makes the campus thrive.


Since 2011 Sinal do Vale has planted over 41,000 trees. They have regenerated around 20% of their territory and have developed several agroforests, assisted natural regeneration, and reforestation sites. More than 4,000 guests, students, volunteers and interns have passed through Sinal. In 2021 the camp kickstarted a project for the reforestation of 30 ha. of land within the property.

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Water retention
Tree planting
Food growing
Soil restoration
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
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