SEKEM Wahat, Egypt
SEKEM Wahat is located in Belbeis in the Bahariya oasis of the Egyptian Western Desert. This restoration community is part of the Egyptian development initiative “SEKEM”, that has worked with unwavering dedication since the 1970s to transform hostile desert landscapes into functional ecosystems and sustainable communities. The SEKEM Wahat farm, surrounded by a beautiful desert mountain landscape, was established in 2008, with the aim of bringing the desert to life by restoring the ecosystem and building a new community that can thrive on functional land. SEKEM Wahat follows a holistic view on humans potential to live and to shape their surrounding environment in a natural and sustainable way. This ecosystem restoration community is a social innovation initiative that integrates ecological, economic, cultural and community life to restore desert land. Here, nature meets progressive forms of being, working and learning together.
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Based on SEKEM’s vision, the SEKEM Wahat initiative is primarily relying on biodynamic cultivation of desertificated land. The team believes that caring about natural soil management and organic plant growing is fundamental for sustainable development and people’s livelihood is ensured alongside. Inherently, the SEKEM What community is based on an integrative and holistic perspective of sustainable development in every single activity. Apart from the environmental restoration, SEKEM Wahat is building new sustainable and self-sufficient communities, creating employment and improving infrastructure to improve livelihoods.


Since 2008 SEKEM Wahat has been creating new habitats for birds and insects such as heaps of organic matter and tree planting. This is supporting and increasing local biodiversity, including 11 rare species. A permaculture garden, compost centre and Pivot irrigation system have also been established on site. A school was founded for 25 students (grade 1 to 7) – first at SEKEM Wahat guesthouse and, since October 2022, in a newly constructed community school building, created according to the new carbon-neutral concept – and bus transport is provided for students to and from the school. A basic medical centre has also been set up for the community with visits from a general practitioner twice a month.

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Compost making
Water retention
Tree planting
Food growing
Soil building
Cover cropping
Habitat creation
Community building

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