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Rocciaviva, also known in Italian as “living stone”, is an innovative association with several different restoration locations that are being developed by a diverse team of biologists, agroecologists, educators, and designers who have returned to the land of their birth to rebuild the region. Historical deforestation and agricultural exploitation of soils have resulted in the high rate of aridity in the summer, soil erosion resulting in the leaching of nutrients and landslides, and a significant decrease in biodiversity. Following an in-depth study of the endemic plants and the analysis of the water intake of the area, the team has commenced with the reforestation of endemic plants and the restoration of the ecosystems based on the specific characteristics of the spaces available. The current restoration locations are Rocciaviva-La Fiorita in Matera (5 hectares), the pilot programme focusing on tree planting and water management; Rocciaviva-Terra Dei Venti in Gravina (2 hectares), used as a base for eco-building experiences, edible gardens, food forests and fruit tree planting; and Rocciaviva-Regenera in Salandra (73 hectares) where the priority is to build the infrastructure and prepare the land with the appropriate earthworks necessary to carry out restoration, and restore three nearby lakes.
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Rocciaviva has been at work for many years, behaving like a keystone species does in nature, weaving our connections and supporting a network of people with numerous life experiences. We have built a community through active participation and direct, peer to peer approach. Our history is already a case study for local institutions. Our approach to greening techniques and methods facing the global climate change crisis is precious and we are willing to improve on it and share our knowledge widely. We are working to foster growth in the biodiversity of humanity too, providing opportunity for meaningful moments of sharing of experiences, skills and knowledge.


Rocciaviva is working hard to achieve its mission of cultivating well-being, environmental and social regeneration by sowing change, through constructing a community and a network in the region; creating “forest gardens”; promoting permaculture practices as a sustainable way of living; and creating educational and cultural opportunities for the local community and visitors. The team has organized successful public events, laboratories, and seminars on the land which have earned them the respect and trust of local institutions and the community. They have already achieved their pilot project on 5 hectares of land, planted 6,000 trees, and organized several courses guided by respected Italian and international experts. Rocciaviva works in partnership with AGRIBIO FOGGETTA.

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Water retention
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Erosion control
Cover cropping
Habitat creation
Community building
Fire prevention
Natural building
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