Mundo Nuevo, Colombia
Mundo Nuevo ecosystem restoration community is located at the Mundo Nuevo Permaculture Farm, in the lush, tropical biosphere reserve of the Santa Marta mountains in Northern Colombia. The nearby town of Minca was declared a Reservation of Man and the Biosphere by UNESCO in 1980, in recognition of the tremendous value of the natural ecosystem. Mundo Nuevo farm and eco-lodge are helping to restore and preserve this very special place. Their mission is to create self-sufficiency for three generations (around 120 years). Soil erosion from historical cattle grazing has also led to a drastic reduction of the capacity of capturing and holding rainwater.
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Mundo Nuevo economic main activity is an eco-lodge. While the team has made it is as eco-friendly as possible, they are aware that the impact on nature is not really positive. But they are doing all possible to reduce the impact. Three septic tanks have been built, bio products are used in the kitchen and for cleaning, bio soaps and shampoo from with essential oils of medicinal plants of the Sierra Nevada mountains are provided in guest bathrooms, and the mountain supplies the drinking water. The kitchen is mostly vegetarian, with organic fruit and vegetable gardens on site. On the farm Nuevo Mundo is reforesting land degraded by unsustainable cattle farming by planting endemic, endangered trees, fruit trees and flower trees to encourage the return of local fauna. Through all these actions, Mundo Nuevo is striving to lead by example on how one can limit a negative impact on nature. Every guest at the eco-lodge leaves as an ambassador for living a more regenerative lifestyle, and the local community has also been positively influenced by the example Mundo Nuevo is setting.


Mundo Nuevo is reforesting 20 new hectares of eroded soil. Much of this degraded land is now covered in elephant grass. While this species is not native to Colombia and invasive, it has low water and nutrient requirements and helps prevent runoff. They are looking to achieve scale through knowledge sharing with eight neighbouring farms, to encourage them to replicate reforestation efforts on their own land. Ultimately, they aim to look for the most depleted lands in a 20km radius of Mundo Nuevo and help the local communities to restore degraded lands.

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Water retention

Tree planting

Food growing

Erosion control

Soil building

Cover cropping

Habitat creation

Restoration of livelihoods

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