Mama-Adama, Portugal
Mama-Adama Awareness Centre is a peaceful farm in between mountains in the Alentejo region of Portugal. They envision a greener, self-sustainable place for more people to live a back-to-basics life, learn to be aware and to reconnect to themselves, to animal and nature. Many of the old trees on the land are infected with fungus, causing them to lose their oxygen and die slowly. Mama-Adama is working to prevent this cycle and restore the trees and the land in a natural way. Their wish is for this ecosystem restoration community to be an example to present to local authorities to help and promote restoration in the region for a greener and better world.
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Our impact


Restoration on the land has included garden, weeding, turning the earth, composting, planting, setting up irrigation systems, eco-friendly construction and permaculture.

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Activities that need your support ​

Water retention
Tree planting
Soil building
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
Erosion prevention
Fire prevention
Community building
Restoration of livelihoods
Restoration holidays

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