King’s Garden, Netherlands
King’s Garden is a mobile restoration initiative, with a mixed group of stakeholders collectively working on restoring biodiversity and cultural diversity in the landscape.
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King’s Garden was established in 2012 as a mobile restoration initiative, with a mixed group of farmers, other inhabitants, conservationists, policymakers, artists, and other creative people to collectively work on restoring biodiversity and cultural diversity in the landscape. Sixty percent of their work is concentrated on restoring biodiversity in an area in the middle of Friesland, in the northern part of The Netherlands. This area is mostly meadowland with villages on terps (man-made mounds). Together with many enthusiastic landscape builders, they aim to restore a living landscape in which all forms of life will thrive. Their goal is to restore at least 1,000 hectares of herb-rich meadowland, water management systems, fruit trees at farmyards, ecological restoration of roadsides, and many other biotopes that need restoration.


King’s Garden is working to restore herb-rich meadowland, biodiverse farmyards, and many other biotopes that need restoration. They are inspired and driven by the Godwit bird – known as King of the Meadows, and hence their namesake. The largest population of Godwits breed in the Netherlands, but sadly the Godwit is on the verge of extinction, so thriving ecosystems in this country are critical to its survival – and that of other species. King’s Garden brings together local communities to perform the restoration of the land together, also enhancing mutual understanding between farmers and non-farmers. King’s Garden connects people with places and wants to inspire them to help restore the region’s biodiversity.


We have only just begun but our camp has already restored six fruit courts, and our partner also restored six. We connected the two locations with 8 kilometers of ecologically maintained roadsides. King’s Garden is part of an organization called Kening, an alliance for a living landscape, and works in partnership with Natuerkoöperaasje Baarderadiel, ANV Greidhoeke and Landschapsbeheer Friesland.

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Water retention
Tree planting
Food planting
Community building
Erosion prevention
Soil restoration
Cover cropping
Grassland management
Restoration of livelihoods

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