Humble Habitat, Sweden
Humble Habitat is off-grid homestead located in a rural area southern Dalarna, central Sweden, that is giving back to nature through permaculture, natural building and other regenerative practices.
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Humble Habitat is off-grid homestead located in a rural area southern Dalarna, central Sweden. The area has historically been exploited by mining companies and clear cutting for centuries. The team is restoring the area through grafting, conscious forestry, gardening, natural building, bio-char production and soil building, to name just a few of the holistic approaches for regeneration at the camp. It is a place for biodiversity, foodscaping and learning by doing. There are many workshops, educational events and celebrations every year, which both neighbours and travellers experience.


Since 2020 the camp has been regenerating 13 ha of land. Hundreds of visitors and course participants have contributed to the restoration process. Over 600 trees and other perennials have been established and many more allowed to grow naturally where they previously were not able to do so. Top-soil building has been a main focus and much infrastructure has already been implemented, including four composting toilets, several intensive “gardening areas”, mushroom farms, vineyards, orchards, camping sites and introduction of chickens and rabbits. Everything has been established with a foundation in Permaculture principles, and natural building workshops are also hosted. Humble Habitat works in partnership with Rox Productions, Biotopbyggarna, Permakultur Stjärnsund, Plockhugget AB and Fältbiologerna, Sensus.

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Water retention
Tree planting
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
Food planting
Community building
Natural building
Fire prevention
Restoration of livelihoods
Cover cropping
Water retention
Soil restoration
Erosion prevention
Habitat creation
Restoration holidays

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