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Farm of the Future is a former cattle-ranch located in Caseara in the Amazon Cerrado region of Brazil.
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Farm of the Future is a former cattle-ranch located in Caseara in the Amazon Cerrado region of Brazil. About 6,000 people live in the area. Surrounding farms are soy-producing. Soil degradation is taking place and encroachment on natural areas (the forest) is rampant. Improving farming techniques and researching ways of regeneratively growing food that work well within rainforest biomes is central to Farm of the Future’s mission, as is learning from the ancestral wisdom and indigenous people and integrating it with the local community and neighbouring settlements. Their aim is to support the creation of a vibrant farmer community with hundreds of families, creating livelihoods through ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture/aquaculture. They also aim to create biodiversity corridors to connect the Cantao State Park to allow the flow of native flora and fauna, such as the threatened jaguars, araguaia river dolphins and otters.


Farm of the Future is co-creating a farming regenerative business model while building a village with 100 families inhabiting a 500 ha area. Regenerative Agriculture, Net Entrepreneurship to create job opportunities, Forest School and Spirituality are 4 of 7 dimensions of the Farm of the Future. Their vision is to build vibrant local communities where the youth want to stay, whilst also improving farmers’ relationships with the Amazon Forest, ultimately having an impact at a regional scale across the Amazon-Savanna.


Farm of the Future works in partnership with EcoAraguaia.

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