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EcoCamp Coyote is located on one acre of a former sod farm in Morgan Hill, California, on extremely degraded soil, in a semi-rural area facing development due to its proximity to major highways and urban areas. Together, as a small community living off-grid, they are regenerating the former sod farm with manure, woodchips, and vegetation and utilizing the waste stream to build structures and restore the land. EcoCamp Coyote envisions being a community fixture for distribution and education of post-petroleum energy, food forestry, appropriate infrastructure and building materials, as well as ecosystem restoration and permaculture.
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Our impact

EcoCamp Coyote began by restoring the land they live on. Previously a sod farm, they worked hard to bring fertility back to the soil. In their greenhouse, they are growing fruit trees from seedlings and planting them around their property. These efforts have expanded to the surrounding area after they adopted the roadside to prevent pesticides from being used. Inspired by what a community can accomplish together, they host educational events, where people at all levels can learn how to be active members in the restoration of our local ecosystems. These events include tree planting and our larger event Restoring Fire Safe Communities, a three-day camping event where the community works together to learn the practice of fire mimicry on indigenously held land.


Ecocamp Coyote has enjoyed campouts, project days and even a virtual camp! Together, they have established a native hedgerow, food forest, no till gardens, rainwater catchment, off grid energy systems, biodigesting toilets, and much more. Over 60 trees have been planted, with 100’s more being raised in their nursery.

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Activities that need your support ​

Compost making

Water retention

Tree planting

Food growing

Erosion control

Soil building

Cover cropping

Habitat creation

Community building

Fire prevention

Regenerative entrepreneurialism

Regenerative holidays

Natural building

Educational courses and experiences

Inner restoration for personal healing

Off grid technologies

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