Desperto – Regenerative Cultures Centre, Brazil
Desperto – Regenerative Cultures Centre came about through a conscious decision to restore a piece of degraded land in a heavily industrialised region of Brazil. The restoration community is situated on top of a mountain with beautiful, sweeping views of the valley and nearby cities. Most of the land has been used for grazing over the past 15 years which has led to very compacted soil with no water infiltration and inhibiting growth of the original rainforest. The entire area surrounding the restoration community is highly degraded, with pastures or monoculture eucalyptus plantations. The Desperto team aim to restore the dried-up water spring and create a regenerative agroforestry, restoring it to the original biome. They would like to become an example in their region of how abundance is possible through the regeneration of land and people, thereby influencing other farmers to adopt regenerative practices as well. They are also working to strengthen the ecosystem of small producers and artisans, collaborating for the creation of a local regenerative culture. Through regenerative agroforestry, permaculture, meditation and all other techniques which heal body, mind and soul Desperto is working to create a sustainable and regenerative future. These practices are in line with their belief in a global cultural change, in which we recognise that our lifestyles directly impacting our relationship with food and its cultivation, and that forest and regenerative foods should take precedence over monocultures and clearing foods.
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Our impact

The restoration community at Desperto believe that regenerative practices can restore our connection with nature, ourselves and humanity, and help us see the whole planet as a living being. Their restoration site has been implemented on private land in the middle of an urbanized area. This has inspired people in the surrounding community to begin agroforestry locally. Their achievements also inspiring people across Brazil via social media.


Desperto has planted two areas of regenerative agroforestry with almost 70 banana trees and 100 other fruit, native or wood trees. Once the trees reach maturity, they plan to produce for market, including fruit, preserves, pickles and all tasty, healthy and nutritious food.

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Activities that need your support ​

Compost making
Water retention
Tree planting
Food growing
Erosion control
Soil building
Cover cropping
Habitat creation
Community building
Fire prevention
Restoration of livelihoods
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
Natural building
Educational courses and experiences
Community creation

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