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Corcovado Foundation operates a regenerative tourism Bio Hostel & Environmental Center on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica.
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Overview & Impact

Corcovado Foundation operates a regenerative tourism Bio Hostel & Environmental Center on the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica. Their ecosystem restoration, regenerative agriculture, holistic cattle farming and environmental education activities take place throughout the Drake Bay area, which includes small towns like Los Angeles, Caletas, Los Planes, El Progreso, and Agujitas. El Progreso is much smaller and more remote than the main tourist area. Here you will find incredible biodiversity in flora and fauna and a unique tranquility. Most people in El Progreso are either unemployed or find jobs in nearby towns. With few options for income, many end up cutting down trees to sell for wood or open space for cattle and monocultures to survive. The hostel is one of two employers in the area. Before the arrival of conservation organisations to the Osa Peninsula, logging, hunting, mining, and sea turtle egg poaching were everyday activities in this area. For this reason, the populations of some animals and plants have drastically decreased. Corcovado Foundation envisions an operation that fights climate change, protects endangered species and promotes community development through regenerative activities.


People from around the world have been helping the Corcovado Foundation plant trees on what used to be a cattle farm. In 2022, volunteers and team planted 2,100 trees, and three thousand more will come. These trees are grown to a point they are big enough to survive and will also be cared for at least three more years. Every tree is monitored, and we are check on the wildlife repopulating the land on an ongoing basis (through camera traps and other methods) to observe and document the change. Corcovado Foundation is also working with farmers to improve their efficiency by implementing regenerative cattle farming and vegetable gardening. Their hope is that this will reduce the need for the community to keep cutting forests to produce food.

Achievements & Partners

Between 2021 and 2022, the program reforested an area of approximately two forest hectares. Within these two hectares, we have an area close to the river, a flood zone for the river, a spring of water, and areas with a high slope. Additionally, 13 hectares are in the process of being restored in mangrove areas. In addition, 2,142 trees have been planted on three private farms and one farm in the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve. Six reforestation campaigns have been carried out in which 120 people have participated. The participants have been the foundation’s staff, and all the participants in the reforestation campaigns have been volunteers. Corcovado Foundation works in partnership with The Ministry of Environment and the National institute of rural development.

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