Chocaya and Chacapaya, Bolivia
Chocaya Ecosystem Restoration Community is situated in Bolivia, close to the bustling city of Cochabamba. It is located on the mountainside above the village of Chocaya and beneath the hot springs of Liriuni. Part of the magnificent Andes mountain range, the altitude here is about 2,800 meters. The Bolivian Andes are generally very eroded and suffering from the impact of the climate crisis, with water shortages common in the dry season. In a financially poor country, the challenge is to balance ecological values and economic gain. The agroforestry system provides a model for how that balance can be achieved.
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Our impact

Chocaya and Chacapaya are introducing agroforestry to local communities to address degraded land where climate change has further compromised livelihoods. The work mainly with local farmers, and sometimes with whole communities, on soil and water management and tree planting towards restoring the ecosystem and biodiversity, and creating income opportunities for this rural community.


Chocaya and Chacapaya work in partnership with Samay Foundation, Voserdem and hundreds of families from the village of Chocaya.

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Activities that need your support ​

Compost making

Water retention

Tree planting

Food growing

Erosion control

Soil building

Cover cropping

Habitat creation

Community building

Fire prevention

Restoration of livelihoods

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