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Arcoora is located in the Guli-bal country of Bundjalung Nation (NSW), on the edge of the remaining Gondwana Rainforest where two ecological zones transition.
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Overview & Impact

Arcoora is located in the Guli-bal country of Bundjalung Nation (NSW), on the edge of the remaining Gondwana Rainforest where two ecological zones transition from dense rainforest gullies to wet sclerophyll (Eucalypt) forest. Eucalypts are the tallest forest type in Australia and Arcoora is surrounded by 30-year-old regrowth forest, however, as seen in the catastrophic 2019/2020 fires, climate change poses great threat of bushfire as well as drought-imposed land degradation. Arcoora was originally established as a Buddhist Temple and retreat. The former Vajradhara Gonpa now accommodates Arcoora’s experiential programs aimed at invigorating ecological mindedness and strengthening capacity to respond to the world as it is today, both locally and globally, including mass loss of biodiversity, degradation of ecological complexity, climate change and increased frequency of severe natural disasters. Additionally, they are experimenting with successional agroecology as a means of food and fibre production whilst simultaneously improving soil ecology and sequestering moisture in a dense forest microclimate.


Arcoora – Arts and Ecology Training Ground focuses strongly on creating immersion programs that entwine the ethos of kindness and community spirit to help rekindle inspiration to join in the global movement of ecosystem restoration. Participants from these programs now work in fields such as agroecology, regenerative agriculture, mycology, indigenous land management techniques, cultural repair and some are starting regenerative businesses of their own. Arcoora is also partnering with local indigenous land management organizations to explore cultural burning as a response to land degradation and ecosystem restoration. Their work is also helping preserve and protect many iconic Australian fauna including Koalas, Red tailed Black Cockatoos, lace monitor lizards, carpet pythons, wallabies and many colourful parrots.

Achievements & Partners

The community has planted extensively along the riparian area for Koala habitat, begun management of invasive vegetation in the surrounding forest and installed two syntropic demonstration agroforestry gardens within the Arcoora grounds. Arcoorat partners with A Lush Forest, Syntropic Farms and Gondwana Bushcraft.

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