Ecosystem restoration volunteer, Pachakuti (Peru)

About Pachakuti

ERC Pachakuti is located in the Peruvian Amazon mountains, 920 meters above sea level, near the city of Lamas and Tarapoto. The ongoing goal is to restore the ecosystem around Chirapa village where the local community relies on pesticides to cultivate their land for cacao, pineapple, corn and other minor crops. 

Current status

Pachakuti is currently changing the degraded forest systems to syntropic agroforestry. Syntropic agroforestry is an innovative approach to regenerative agriculture which allows landowners to create dynamic, successional, and economically viable ecosystems that restore degraded soil biodiversity.

They are also restoring two lakes and developing nurseries both for organic vegetables and trees from seed. Other ongoing projects include composting, creating biochar  and raising lambs, ducks, guinea pigs, fish, and bees.

What the position involves

Volunteers are expected to stay at least 1 month.

Pachakuti needs volunteers that are already familiar with repairing ecosystems and syntropic agroforestry. Other task could include composting, creating biochar, tending to and managing the plant nurseries, honey collection and bee care, fruit gathering, pruning, helping look after the animals on site and data collection. Being willing to rotate cooking/preparing dinners is also required.

Working hours are 4 to 6 hours per day, depending on the task. There will be no work on Saturday or Sunday.

Skills required

Prior experience in ecosystem restoration, an environmental degree, permaculture, or regenerative agriculture is requested.

You should also be comfortable with some form of data collection and communicating imagery and videos to the ERC Communications and Monitoring & Evaluation teams as well as other various data applications like Restor.

Where are you going to live, work and eat?

There are two rooms with two beds, a common bar, two showers, a large dining room, a wood stove, a wood cooker, and a gas cooker. You will need to bring your own sheets and towels. There are two tents as well if you prefer to sleep outside.

Free time/what you can expect

The place is very quiet, and there is a village called Lamas 2 hours away. You can enjoy picturesque and historical strolls, watch our local communities’ craftswomen who make pottery with the old techniques.

After your daily work, feel free to read, swing  in our peaceful hammocks, make bread, or just explore your surroundings.

There are two cars that go down to Tarapoto between 6 and 7 am, returning at about 2 pm during the week if you would like to visit this city.  

How to apply

If you are excited about this volunteering position, please email your motivation letter and CV to us as soon as possible, along with any questions you have pertaining to this position. We’ll then connect via Zoom, to get to know each other.

Learn more about ERC Pachakuti.