Body Heart & Soil Immersive Regenerative Experience, France

Body Heart & Soil Immersive Regenerative Experience, France



19 – 27 May 2023


Join us for our third Body Heart & Soil Immersive Regenerative Experience in beautiful “La Dordogne” for 7 days and 7 nights of Regeneration as we restore body and spirit while embracing the natural Magic of Virsoleil. Together we will  Explore the balance of Being and Doing as we enjoy time to be with ourselves in nature balanced by learning and practicing Regenerative Skills and practically applying them to the ongoing Restoration projects at Virsoleil. 

Participants will love the delicious meals lovingly prepared with locally sourced organic ingredients from “Sparky’s kitchen”. Enjoy our natural pond for swimming and contemplation, as well as quiet walks in the French countryside. We will be learning and practicing heart-focused breathing, Ka’pa’a lei lei Hawaiian movement exercises, sit spot in nature, Forest Bathing, stargazing, singing, and making music around the fire at night.

We will learn the basic principles of designing a regenerative project, how to harvest and store rainwater, how to make high quality biologically complete compost and liquid extract teas and soil amendments from “Soil Food Web” certified instructors. Learn about cultivating edible mushrooms as well and lavender and black truffles, pollinator habitat creation and preservation from the founders of 100 , passive solar greenhouse design and construction, stone wall repair, and much more.

Shared indoor accommodations in the barn loft dormitory and the cottage next door. 

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Discover the region

Explore the castles of La Dordogne, and the Medieval cities of Beynac and Dome. Discover the Lascaux network of caves near the village of Montignac

Discover the Lascaux network of caves near the village of Montignac

Canoe on the Vezere River


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