Ecosystem Restoration Course, Spain

Ecosystem Restoration Course, Spain



4 -10 June 2023


Join us for a hands-on learning experience! If you are interested in ecosystem restoration and regenerative agriculture, want to get your hands in the dirt, and experience life on a farm, then this is definitely the course for you. 

During this one week program you will learn how ecosystems function and how they can degrade, in the context of the semi-arid plateau where Altiplano is located. We will look into possible solutions, such as regenerative agriculture, agroforestry and reforestation. We will talk about soil health and how to improve it, compost making, vegetable garden planning, rainwater harvesting and food forests. You will join both theoretical and practical sessions, while living completely off-grid at Camp Altiplano and sharing this experience with a motivated and inspiring group of people. 

Camp Altiplano was established in 2017 as the first initiative of the Ecosystem Restoration Camps Foundation. The project is a 5-hectare parcel in the regenerative farm of La Junquera, located on a semi-arid plateau in the region of Murcia. We want to share with you our learnings and experience developed through these years on the field. The course is organised by Camp Altiplano with the collaboration of Jurre Zwart, Forest and Nature conservation expert and organic agriculture practitioner.

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Discover the region

The university city of Murcia, also the capital of the region

The beautiful nearby beaches and coves in Calblanque

The ecotourism destination of Sierra Espuña National Park


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