Ecosystem Regeneration Camp

Ecosystem Regeneration Camp



Join us for an immersive experience between learning, action and networking, as people from diverse backgrounds come together to act as regeneration agents over 7 days in a residential camp at Vale da Lama. This (Northern Hemisphere) Spring event aims to disseminate, develop and put into practice seasonal agroforestry and ecological regeneration knowledge, and to activate the Bioregional Learning Community in order to respond proactively to the challenges of drought. It is a celebration of the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration, and a launch of our participation in the global Ecosystem Restoration Communities movement.

The cost to attend this week-long Spring Camp is EUR160 per person, including all costs with food, tools, teaching team, organization and communication plus infrastructures.

Keen to join in? Go here to learn more and sign up for this event.

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