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Watershed Forest Farm sits in a classic Appalachia cove hardwood forest in North Carolina, with massive rock outcroppings, lush creeks and flowing springs.
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.Watershed Forest Farm sits in a classic Appalachia cove hardwood forest in Marshall, North Carolina, with massive rock outcroppings, lush creeks, flowing springs, and breathtaking panoramic views of the bordering Cherokee National Forest and Appalachian Trail. The forest has a highly diverse native herb population, and four distinct tree stands in various states of balance from historical logging practices. The forest highlands have a large section of old growth that was spared in the last clear cut in the late 90s. This virgin forest is the living model that the longterm restoration plan is based on. The land’s topography forms a self-contained watershed basin harvesting around 190 million gallons of precipitation each year. The Appalachian mountains support one of the most biologically diverse temperate regions on earth. Watershed Forest Farm’s direct southern exposure, surrounding wildlands, abundance of water and variance of micro-climates, make it an ideal environment to study, experience and restore our region’s rich biological heritage.


Watershed Forest Farm’s vision and a mission is to establish a multi generational food and medicine forest guided by the ethical directives of improving soil and water quality, regenerative forestry and permaculture design. Through practical research and education the restoration community is providing a working model of active preservation to inspire sustainable forestry in Southern Appalachian communities and temperate climates around the world.


Watershed Forest Farm is collaborating on long range regenerative forestry and permaculture design plans to guide development and restoration projects, To date, three greenhouses and a plant nursery have been built, and the restoration community is engaged in ongoing inventories of botanical, fungal and wildlife species. A gravity spring water and drip irrigation system for domestic use and agriculture have also been installed. For the last two years a community supported forest agriculture program has been run that offers weekly deliveries of garden fresh and wild foraged foods.

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