People’s Coast, The Gambia
People’s Coast, located in the south-western part of The Gambia, is undertaking the restoration of two areas of land in villages heavily degraded by beach sand mining: Kartong (5,000 inhabitants) and Gunjur (9,000 inhabitants). The Gambia is a less developed country that has depended on beach sand as a construction material. The increasing salinity of the water and lowering of the groundwater table has led to the beaches becoming fragile and has affected the viability of the gardens near the beachside that are cared for by local women farmers. Restoration of the soil is critical to create an environment that is ecologically sustainable, promotes biodiversity and contributes to the livelihoods of local people. The two locations are also havens for migrating and resident birds.
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Our impact

Restoration will lead to regeneration of the landscape, providing opportunities for bird tourism (especially migrating Ospreys) and for ecotourism. A sustainable water management programme is desperately needed to capture the seasonal rain in this sub-tropical region with its dry-arid climate, to further restoration efforts. Extensive tree planting will improve the fertility of the soil, leading to a higher water table and sequestering carbon into the soil. Employment opportunities and improved livelihoods will also be positively impacted by these actions.


The restoration community has secured the support of local environmentalists, schools, volunteers and the Village Development Committees (VDCs). Official agreements have been signed with two landowners that will enable two tree nurseries to be established. People’s Coast partners with Sandele Foundation, Kartong Bird Observatory, Gunjur Environment Group, Gunjur Project Association, Zoology Department, Cumbria University, Osprey Leadership Foundation.

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Water retention
Tree planting
Natural fertilizers
Soil restoration
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
Food planting
Community building
Erosion prevention
Natural building
Restoration of livelihoods
Cover cropping
Water retention
Habitat creation
Ecosystem restoration design workshops

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