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Mainsprings is located near the equator on Lake Victoria, about 60 km away from Mwanza, Tanzania.
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Mainsprings is located near the equator on Lake Victoria, about 60 km away from Mwanza, Tanzania. Thirty-six acres are restored agroforests and polyculture gardens. Mainsprings works to alleviate extreme rural poverty in Tanzania, East Africa, primarily through their work in education and Permaculture. Through training programs, they have seen countless rural farmers and entire organisations become self-sustaining and prolific, leading to healthier and more profitable livelihoods. Mainsprings hopes to be a worldwide example of the benefits that alternative agriculture practices can provide.


Before Mainsprings began implementing its 36 acre Permaculture farm, the soil and land was a mixture of coarse sandy soils and rock which resulted in poor crop yields. But in just 11 years, what was once barren lakeside land now has a 30 foot canopy food forest and lush green gardens in rich black soil filled with life and biomass. Planted berms and swales used for water management have created beautiful and diverse tree rows that can be viewed across the campus. Along with a rise in trees and crop yields, birds, bees and wildlife numbers also increased significantly with the restored ecosystem. After seeing this great transformation and improvement in sustainability of food production, Mainsprings is actively engaging people and organizations throughout East Africa in restorative agriculture practices.


Camp Mainsprings has restored roughly 36 hectares of land by planting over 3,486 trees. They are able to harvest over 40,000 kg of produce annually from the farm. Around 50 people have attended and completed the Permaculture Design Courses since 2018. Mainsprings works in partnership with The Valley Foundation, Reed J. Oppenheimer Foundation and Restoration Agriculture Development.

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