Lake Tanganyika, Tanzania
Lake Tanganyika is located in Katumbi Village on the shore of Lake Tanganyika, near the Mahale Mountains National Park in Tanzania. Their aim is to be the leading farmer-managed natural regeneration/restoration organisation and forest gardens in Lake Tanganyika Basin. Three acres on this site have been specifically designated as the forest garden demonstration plot, and the remaining land will to restored using ecosystem restoration techniques. Their community-based conservation approach will help provide thousands of individuals and organisations the opportunity to learn the skills needed to transform degraded landscapes. This restoration community is not only a hub for environmental conservation but is also working to empower women through agricultural skills while providing fuel-efficient cooking stoves as well as clean drinking water for the village.
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Our impact

Since 2015 Lake Tanganyika Ecosystem Restoration Community has been working with Lake Tanganyika Basin’s Community to address environmental and social challenges facing the Lake Tanganyika Basin through ecosystem restoration approach called Agroforestry. We have already planted more than 750,000 tree seedlings and work with 276 farmers across Lake Tanganyika Basin.


Since the beginning of 2021, Lake Tanganyika has been on a mission to create 400 one-hectare forest gardens. Lake Tanganyika works in partnership with Village Government.

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Activities that need your support ​

Compost making
Tree planting
Food growing
Erosion control
Cover cropping
Habitat creation
Fire prevention
Regenerative entrepreneurialism

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