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Camp Fire Restoration Project, located in Butte County, California, is a mobile camp that serves multiple locations in and around the area known as “The Camp Fire Burn Scar”. It is not a permanent camp in a fixed location but rather takes the form of pop-up camps and ‘action days’, providing opportunities for earth restorers to join local people for educational experiences in regenerative design, ecological restoration, community organizing and permaculture gardening. Their goal is to restore 150,000 acres of land affected by the devastating wildfires. This is accomplished by creating healthy ecosystems with sustainable local food sources, building fire safe homes and buildings, creating green jobs, and teaching local communities about ecosystem restoration. These collective actions will create a sustainable and regenerative model with new systems for disaster response, resilient communities, and landscape restoration that inspires a culture shift.
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Camp Fire Restoration Project (also known as Camp Paradise) is the world’s first ecosystem restoration disaster response camp and is a unique approach to a catastrophic environmental event. On November 8, 2018, the deadliest wildfire in California history destroyed the town of Paradise and its surrounding communities. At least 85 people died and more than 50,000 people lost their homes in this devastating fire. With the climate crisis predicted to make many parts of the planet uninhabitable, Camp Fire Restoration Project is diligently working to transform our understanding of how to deliver ecosystem restoration in locations affected by climate change, including land damaged by wildfires.


As of 2023, Camp Fire Restoration Project have planted/distributed 4,977 thousand trees, welcomed 664 participants and volunteers, have diverted 6,883 lbs of organic waste and have worked on 22 projects sites.

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Tree planting
Fire prevention
Water retention
Community building
Regenerative entrepreneurialism
Erosion control Soil restoration

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