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Beloved Emergence offers place-sourced experiences focused on healing: the land, the people who tend it, and the relationships with Indigenous land stewards.
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Beloved Emergence, located in the Pacific Northwest, USA, has created an initiative that focuses on healing the land from years of mistreatment and healing the relationships with Indigenous land stewards who are leading the establishment of a center for decolonization and community wellness on site. The land at Beloved Emergence has been impacted by deforestation, and fewer than 3% of Garry Oak Savannah and Camas Prairie remain in Washington State. They are restoring the camas prairie, oak savannas, native wetlands, and riparian habitats with a revolutionary and very special mix of composted soil and the dedicated work of the Beloved Emergence team. The 700 acres stewarded by Beloved also contain diverse and bountiful wildlife life, like the Cascade Torrent Salamanders, Pileated Woodpeckers, and Vaux’s Swifts along with hundreds of other creatures.


The long-term vision for the project is to provide a refuge where people across disciplines and from diverse backgrounds can practice village-building as a community in service to the more-than-human world and those who understand the reciprocity inherent in the wellbeing of all. The team’s goal is to accomplish this intersection of connectedness through ecological restoration, resilient systems, regenerative agriculture, and land-based trauma healing.


Beloved Emergence have collaborated with state, federal, and local agencies to fund and implement three restoration projects, including over 30 acres of invasive species removal, planting of nearly 20,000 trees, and 6 acres of pollinator habitat.

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