Short and longterm volunteer opportunities, Spain (Camp Altiplano)

About Camp Altiplano

Nestled in the stunning semi-arid plateau of Murcia, Spain, lies Camp Altiplano — a 5-hectare parcel within the regenerative farm of La Junquera. Camp Altiplano was established on a former cereal crop field with the intention of restoring a healthy landscape. Our approach revolves around addressing the fundamental factors that regulate ecological stability: water, soil, and vegetation. Through thoughtful design, we have implemented measures to control water flow within the system, while adopting regenerative practices to nourish the soil and rebuild lost fertility. By providing hands-on and practical learning experiences, we empower individuals to restore agricultural and natural ecosystems.

Current status

Since 2017, Camp Altiplano has restored 5 ha of land to include a mixed system with increased organic matter content and biodiversity, thanks to regenerative management. More than 2000 people from around the world have participated through courses and volunteering programs. Since the inception of the initiative, 20,000 native trees and bushes have been planted, with a 70% survival rate. In 2022, Altiplano harvested their first almonds after planting these trees in 2017, which was a momentous occasion for their regenerative almond agroforestry system. The land at Camp Altiplano is also steadily transforming into a haven for life, with ponds making up a wetland that is home to snakes, toads, frogs and dragonflies. Camp Altiplano’s team will share with you, insights on the lessons learned in this semi-arid landscape.

What the position involves

Depending on the season, our activities may vary, ensuring a diverse and enriching experience for all. From tree planting to tending the bountiful vegetable garden, from compost making to seed saving, from tree pruning to maintenance of our buildings through painting or construction projects, there’s always something exciting happening at Camp Altiplano. Some common activities include:

  • Agricultural work on the land
  • Development of educational activities
  • Reforestation actions
  • Carpentry and maintenance work
  • Communication and fundraising campaigns

Basic requirements

  • The ability to speak English or Spanish
  • A minimum commitment of 2 weeks to 6 months
  • Good physical health
  • A desire to get your hands dirty and participate in practical activities
  • The ability to contribute 6 hours of work per day, Monday to Friday

What can I expect?

Join our team for a full immersion in land restoration and in all the aspects of running our project. We kick-start our days at 9am, ready to embark on a day filled with purpose and fulfillment. Experience the thrill of living completely off-grid as you embrace a sustainable lifestyle at Camp Altiplano. Get ready for stunning morning and evening views, and an unforgettable experience with a group of motivated and individuals who are equally passionate about making a positive impact on the planet.

Where will I stay?

You will sleep in our dorm or in the bell tents, depending on the season. We have a communal kitchen where you can prepare your meals, and ablution facilities consist of composting toilets and a shower.

What does it cost to stay at Camp Altiplano?

50€ per week for short stays (2 – 3 weeks)

100€ per month for longterm stays (4 weeks or longer)

Included in the cost: Accommodation on the farm and bicycles to get around

Available at La Junquera Farm (4km away): An office with WiFi and a washing machine

Available at in the village of Topares (10km away): a small grocery store, a bar and a gas station.

Available in Caravaca de la Cruz (50km away): supermarkets, post office, bank, gas station and all kinds of shops and suppliers.

How to reach us

If you are travelling by public transport, Caravaca de la Cruz is the closest town to Camp Altiplano, where we will pick you up. There are hourly buses to and from Murcia, you can find the schedule on MoviMurcia. The closest airport is Alicante.

How to apply

If you are excited about this volunteer opportunity send an email that includes:

  • A short motivation letter
  • Your CV
  • Your requested dates of stay
  • Any questions you have

Please note: we accept new volunteers on the first Monday of each month.

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