Introducing Earthed

Oct 2023

Earthed is a Nature Skills platform for a global community learning from and for Nature.

Through access to practical nature skill courses led by inspiring practitioners from around the world, Earthed members can learn how to grow food, plant for pollinators, restore rivers, harvest rainwater, increase biodiversity, defend against wildfires and so, so much more. 

Earthed is a charity on a mission to remove the obstacles that prevent us from regenerating our local ecosystems, and to provide access to the skills, networks and funds that enable life to flourish.

In the words of Earthed cofounder, Christabel Reed: “Ecosystem restoration is the only way we will prevent, halt and reverse the degradation of ecosystems worldwide. Participation at the local level is not only the most effective way to scale this action, but is also an antidote to climate doomism, false solutions, social polarisation and apathy. With only 3% of media coverage focusing on nature solutions, it is no wonder so many feel doomist about the future.”

Alongside skills and knowledge, community is essential for the long-term success of restoration projects. That’s why Earthed members are encouraged to take part in community activities and discussions across many topics and terrains. 

The platform is donation based, with free membership available when needed. Others make donations that, as Earthed grows, will establish a community Action Fund providing grants to start or scale restoration projects. 

The Earthed Summit

Following the phased launch of Earthed in June 2023, Earthed is celebrating the next stage of the charity’s journey as they aim to reach even more people with access to the skills, networks, and funds to start restoring ecosystems and growing regeneratively.

The 2023 inaugural Earthed Summit will be held this November 11th at the iconic Barbican. With the theme, ‘Our Future, Regenerated’, this exciting new annual event will shine a spotlight on the power of ecosystem restoration and our human potential to restore nature and communities.

The gathering will bring a diverse community of people together including global nature restoration experts and practitioners as well as public figures, businesses, aligned organisations, and budding ecosystem restorers and growers.

Through panels and keynote talks, the summit will explore key topics including rewilding, landscape and seascape restoration, regenerative farming, agroecology, urban regeneration, fungi and community centred restoration.

Ecosystem Restoration Communities at the Earthed Summit

As supporting Impact Partners, Ecosystem Restoration Communities can’t wait to join Earthed in celebrating the launch of the Earthed platform and our human potential to regenerate our world. You’ll be able to catch our very own John D. Liu and Ashleigh Brown speaking about our movement on the day, so make sure to come say hello and visit our stall! 

Get your tickets to the Earthed Summit here.

From Earthed cofounder Christabel Reed

“Earthed exists to galvanise and mainstream a peer-driven, mass mobilised ecosystem restoration movement by making practical nature skills accessible and aspirational. The Earthed Summit will focus on inspiring people and expanding the collective imagination of what’s possible through ecosystem restoration, whilst empowering them through access to the practical skills and networks they need to start and scale projects in their local areas.

Earthed is made possible by the incredible support of our Founding Partners: Vivobarefoot, Neal’s Yard Remedies, and Farmacy. As well as supporting the development of our platform and the amplification of our mission, each of our Founding Partners is a Presenting Partner of the Earthed Summit. We are proud to share the work and values of these organisations pioneering a regenerative approach to business and wellbeing.”