6 month research volunteers, Habiba Community (Egypt)

About Habiba Community

Climate change is threatening the Sinai Peninsula’s fragile ecosystem. Overgrazing, conventional agriculture, soil salinity, and soil biodiversity loss are exacerbating the problem and threatening food security in the local community. Habiba Ecosystem Restoration Community is changing the lives of Bedouin communities in the Sinai Desert by introducing local farmers to the practice of ecosystem restoration and regenerative, sustainable agriculture, with the aim of stopping erosion and further desertification, and rebuilding local livelihoods based on healthy, abundant ecosystems.

Our Plans

Habiba Community is setting up a ‘Community Soil & Water Analysis Laboratory Service’ to support women-run food gardens in the desertified Nuweiba region that need help with accurate planning through scientific equipment and lab tests to 1) ensure maximum crop production 2) maximise water resources while preventing soil salinity 3) enhance local community food security and livelihoods, and 4) provide hands-on training to local female farmers.

About you

You are dedicated to contributing to a regenerative future. You are a self-directed graduate or undergraduate student in the fields of Agriculture, Environmental Science or Biology. You respect the local Bedouin culture and lifestyle. You have a thorough understanding of research techniques and experience working in the field. Note, out of respect for the local culture, these positions are available to female candidates only.

About the positions

Three positions are available from mid-April 2023 to conduct soil and water research at regenerative farms in the local Nuweiba community. Soil sampling and analysis is an important step in controlling the soil quality and the availability of the nutrients required by plants. The interpretation of the analytical data allows us to optimise crop yields while minimising any adverse environmental impact from the application of excessive manure and other natural soil fertilisers.

The work involves taking samples in the field and using equipment in the lab such as a microscope for analysis and pH measuring. You will work in an operational area with a shaded zone, with tables and trays to use as a nursery for the new seedlings.

We want to be able to analyse:

● Soil acidity (pH) as this affects the growth of most crops directly and can influence the availability of other nutrients

● The total amount of soil organic matter affects soil structure and/or nutrient availability

● The ready plant-available mineral nutrients, such as P, K, and Mg

What do we offer?

● The opportunity for you to gain further experience in ecosystem restoration, in a challenging but hugely rewarding environment

● Free time to enjoy the idyllic Gulf of Aqaba on the Red Sea

● Shared accommodation at Habiba Lodge or at Habiba Farm (both in Nuweiba, The Sinai), with two meals a day

How to apply

If you are inspired by this opportunity and feel you could be the right person, we look forward to speaking with you. Please send us an email telling us about yourself why you would like to apply, along with your CV, any questions, and references.

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