Our friendly suggestions to the United Nations

May 2020

The United Nations are about to start on a decade of Ecosystem Restoration. We have of course welcomed this decision, and we have offered the partnership of Ecosystem Restoration Camps worldwide to join in the effort. The United Nations published a draft strategy for the decade and asked for public comment. We, with help from the Advisory Council of ERC and the ERC Supervisory Board, have submitted comments on the draft strategy late last month. You will be able to read the full comments here.

Don’t want to read all the comments?

Our core message to the United Nations was to not only focus on the large global institutions and large established NGOs. Although they are much needed, in the end it is the farmers, fishers, and communities that live in and live with degraded ecosystems around the world that must be part of the plan, the work and the maintainance of the effort to restore natural function.

So join us in joining the UN to take on the Great Work of our Time!

We believe that the worldwide community of Ecosystem Restoration Camps is well placed to help the United Nations reach out to the people, and we offered our partnership in doing so.